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Marc Gumpinger's work is characterized by the search for new forms of representation that result from the abstract construction spaces of programming. The central element is the discrepancy between the technologies that are so precise on the one hand and the simultaneous unpredictability of the results. This vagueness is due to the special procedure in which Marc Gumpinger does not create his motifs by hand with digital tools, but rather writes algorithms through which the motifs are created procedurally. He thereby develops sets of rules, whose motivic characteristics are essentially defined by chance, which results from the use of noise algorithms and is therefore no longer in his hand. He plans his work meticulously in advance in order to often take a completely different path after a few steps, which is much more shaped by the inherent logic of the resulting motifs than by the technological tools.
After all, Marc Gumpingers works provide insight into the vastly emerging field of generative aesthetics which is set to become the “New Pop” given that our visual life is set to be dominated by this new aesthetic — from architecture to product design to gaming to visual effects.
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