Marc Gumpinger
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Marc Gumpinger uses algorithms and 3D tools to create procedural motivs which he uses as the source for his oil paintings and light installations.

His works materialize the aesthetics of the digital era.

His works are the distillation of his many years’ experience in the software and deep tech field: After initial steps on his C64 at nine years old he published computer and games graphics along with 3D visualizations. Thereafter he developed industry leading image processing software. Alongside he graduated in business administration and earned his PhD in human biology with a focus on information technology and statistics. Following the introduction of the iPhone, Marc founded a start-up for creative gaming technology, which he turned into the world’s biggest mobile gaming network. He has been merging his experience and synaesthetically creative talent in a unique combination to materialize the aesthetic of the new technology-shaped generation.

His works are in collections such as the Allianz Art Collection throughout Europe, USA and Asia. His light installations have received international awards such as the Frame Award 2019.