Marc Gumpinger
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Marc uses algorithms for his procedural motifs which are the source for his oil paintings and light installations.

His works materialize the aesthetics of the digital era.

The foundation for his works are the many years of experience in deep tech along with his synaesthetic wiring that allows him to visualize code: “To me my paintings look exactly like the code I write”.

After programming his C64 while still at school he published computer and games graphics along with 3D visualizations. Thereafter he developed industry leading image processing software and earned his PhD focusing on information technology and statistics. Marc then founded a start-up for creative gaming technology, which he turned into the world’s biggest mobile gaming network.

His works are in collections such as the Allianz Art Collection throughout Europe, USA and Asia. They were covered in publications like International Journal for Digital Art History, Hedonist, Damaged, Monopol, Weltkunst, Hohe Luft, Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Handelsblatt and Süddeutsche. His light installations have received international awards such as the Frame Award 2019.